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Our values

Rêves Passion Montreal makes it a point of honor to transmit our values. They have guided us in establishing our children’s program but also in organizing our adult league. These values ​​govern our work, our mission and our accomplishments.

Courage is the heart quality we give to our youth through our program. It leads to thinking and acting against ease, wisely in difficult circumstances.

Honesty guides the action of each member and employee who will adopt an impeccable conduct in the pursue of our mission and will always act with transparency.


We share creativity through sport, team spirit and the implementation of our methodology. It allows young people to positively build their relationship with the world, to be ingenius and agile and therefore to better anticipate things. It allows everyone to exercise their freedom, develop their own ideas, gain confidence and therefore to build themselves.

Our priority is to give voice to each person or organisation working in the development or our young girls and boys and to maintain an approach built on solution and strengths that each person could bring to solve any problem.

Respect is essential to create a work and development environment and a sport environment in which each person could act and pronounce without being judged. It allows each of the participant to evolve according to their personality, their strengths, and their weaknesses.