Rêves Passion Montreal’s success is possible thanks to a team of professionals whose passion and talents combine to bring together a common vision.

Mariana has 10 years of experience in the performing arts, program development and mentoring through an innovative and artistic approach. She gives her time and energy with great passion for the real development of our communities. The objectives of Rêves Passion Montréal are particularly in line with her vision. ‘‘I am convinced that together, with Rêves Passion Montréal team and partners, we will continue to put in place innovative programs and give community centers the tools they need to create an environment that is supportive of community development through sport''.

Mariana Baldé- Project Manager & Administrative Manager

Francesca is a nature and soccer lover, former player, coach and now a graduate in sports intervention and league management, she never ceases to live her passion by being constantly involved in the sport.

Francesca Joseph – League & Operations Manager

The passionate and enthusiastic desire to make an impact in communities has largely contributed to Thierno Diallo's decision to pursue training in Philanthropic Management. Since then, he has worked for charities as a philanthropy manager and for socially responsible companies as a philanthropic action advisor. ‘‘I am engaged in the heart of Rêves Passion Montréal's philanthropic action to help it reach its highest level of efficiency and effectiveness in the realization of its mission and its philanthropic development objectives.’’

Thierno Diallo – Philanthropy & Partnerships Director

Sportive, passionate about creative activities and a dreamer, Amandine is a happy little chameleon in both personal and professional life. A marketing project manager with a passion for everything related to communications, she also works on web platforms and social media.

Amandine Dijoux – Marketing & Communication Consultant

A veritable artistic talent, Sylvia Chávez has known from the beginning how to perceive and transmit the very essence of Sports and Dreams Passion Montreal. Thanks to her sensitivity and talent, collaborating with her team, they have been able to create better than anyone else the image of our organization through our logo, our website and our posters. With charm and grace, Sylvia gives that indispensable final touch to Sports Passion Montreal’s success.

Relief Web & Design – Graphic Designers

Sansa – Our mascot



A former international athlete of the Swiss national judo team and physical education teacher, Rebecca then went on to study sports administration and management. She is convinced that sport represents an exceptional tool for integration, development and for the future of any society. ‘‘For me, sport is a true passion. The friendly and open environment in Montreal gives me the motivation and inspiration I need to develop Rêves et Sports Passion Montréal.’’

Rebecca Sueur – President and founder of Dreams Passion Montreal

Davidsen has a Master's degree in Sport Science (M.Sc.) and an MBA in Management Consulting. He has over 20 years of experience in the sport industry in Europe, Africa and Canada. Now operating as a management consultant, he invest himself in RPM to make physical activity and sports more accessible to a highest number of children, and to promote their benefits on a psychomotor, social and human level! ‘‘Being a soccer lover, it is completely natural for me to join RPM, an organization that embraces the values of inclusion and accessibility while promoting the education and development of children through sport.’’

Davidsen Jugnah – Vice-President

Stéphane has a background in real estate management. He has been a consultant for a data management company for more than 5 years. ''I can see a lot of good energy and good intentions in Rêves et Sports Passion Montréal vision and objectives. Participating in this community support project that I have seen grow, is an experience and a human adventure in every aspect more fulfilling than processing digital information".

Stéphane Bernardo – Secretary


Yoli est une joueuse de la ligue Sport Passion Montréal depuis sa création. Spécialiste en assurance, son enthousiasme et son énergie sont contagieux. ‘‘M’impliquer de manière régulière pour le bon déroulement et la gestion efficace de Rêves Passion Montréal, représente un grand bonheur pour moi.’’

Yoli Garcia

Combining trilingualism, translation and administrative skills, Alicia is the one who brings new ideas for the growth and development of organizations. Whether it is through an introduction to vegetable gardens, art outings or physical activity, she is convinced that an active and curious child will be better able to make relevant decisions to lead a healthy life in the future. ''With my international vision, I am honoured to bring new ideas and a touch of freshness essential to the successful operation of Rêves Passion Montréal''.

Alicia Speratti – Administrator