About Us
The Sports Passion Montreal soccer league initiative was born from the Dreams Passion Montreal children’s program.

With the aim to finance its children’s program to offer sports, artistic, and cultural activities to children of low-income Montreal communities, Dreams Passion Montreal established the adult soccer league named Sports Passion Montreal. Since its first soccer matches, the majority of the league’s profits have been used to develop the Dreams Passion Montreal program. Both were born from the same vision, to simultaneously combine the benefits of sports for adults and educational development through sports and arts for children, leading to an active integration of adults and children within the community as well as improved self-esteem.

Since 2015 we have chosen to focus 100% on soccer, as much for children as for adults, thus naming the children’s program, Urban Soccer for Dreams and Hope. Since 2017 this program is sponsored by FIFA and its program, Football for Hope. Thanks to this gracious support, in the next few years we will be able to offer our activities to a number of community centres throughout Montreal and the rest of Quebec.